There is a continous life for approximately 5000 years on Tenedos / Bozcaada. Pelasginas are the first inhabitants of the island. After these first inhabitants persians, romans, byzantians, genoese and venetians also settled on the island. After 1453, the capture of Byzantium, by the ottomans, the island became a part of the Ottoman Empire.

is located almost exactly opposite the ancient city of Troia. Beginning from the ancient times Bozcaada played and important strategical role to control firstly Troia and than the Dardanelles. In troian war thousands years ago and in the "second troian war" in the first WW in 1915 Bozcaada's military importance was crucial.

* * *

Bozcaada, whose environment is 14 miles, is an important Tourism Center. The island surrounded by small and large islands around is 15 miles away from Çanakkale Strait, 30 miles away from Limni, 33 miles away from Midilli. Ezine province, Geyikli borough, where transportation is maintained 3.4 miles away from Yükyeri Ferry Port.

There are twelve pieces of paradise like bays, which are Liman Bay, Değirmenler Bay, Poyraz Port, Çanak Port, Çapraz Port, Çanak Port, Kocatarla Port, Lagor Port, Ayana Port, Ayazma Bay, Sulubahçe Bay, Habbeli Bay in the island.

A Venetian castle draw attention when you come close to Bozcaada. The castle, which is used during Venetian, Genovese and Byzantium period, is highly repaired during Fatih Sultan Mehmet period due to the importance of Çanakkale Strait.

Wine of the island is as plenty as water; you will see lots of vineyards and orchards when you have a tour. Windmills at west of the island supply the most of the electricity needs of the island as well as its environs. There are hotels and boarding houses, appropriate for all students for accommodation in the island.

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Tenedos / Bozcaada,. it's a medium-sized island in the Aegean sea. Three nautical miles from the Turkish coast. The island itself is fairly small and only has one town, the rest being vineyards, forest or wasteland. It would be possible to walk completely around the island in a day... my kind of place. The place is famous for its wines, and there are at least 3 local wineries in town. I drank a bottle of one last night, and it was fairly decent. The town apparently used to be split with a Greek section and a Turkish (Muslim) section... most Greeks have since fled. Apparently there was a lot of pressure on them to leave, especially during the events in Cyprus back in '74.

You have been wandering around the island, eating pomogranites when you find them, sitting on the lovely beaches and watching the ships which cover the horizon like the Greek fleet on its way to Troy.

The weather is still overcast, but it hasn't rained yet. Since the tourist season is over, and since the island only has 2500 people, you are having a bit of a hard time finding decent places to eat at. You may end up buying and cooking your own fish.



The sea is lovely... possibly more beautiful than any other beach you have  been to, and the sand on the beaches was mind-blowing. Bozcaada is a beautiful place. The elite are busily buying up old Greek vineyard-houses and fixing them up and converting them into summer homes. Apparently the local government is pretty strict about construction and keeping the place's charm, and you haven't seen much tasteless concrete jungle-ism. A large portion of the island is basically barren and windswept, and it makes for lovely walks in the afternoon.