The building where HOTEL EGE is situated is one of the historical buildings of Bozcaada. It was constructed as Greek Primary School in 1800s. It served to inhabitants of the island as primary school, when the majority of the island were Greeks, until it was closed down in 1923. Later it was reopened as Turkish Primary School and brought up children until 1963. Later after it was handed over, it started deteriorating and falling apart.

It was reconstructed in 1986 by pulling down the interior and rebuilding it by obtaining the approval of Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Department of Istanbul Immovable Cultural and Natural Assets.

Ege Hotel has probably the largest capacity for groups on the island with 36 rooms (80 beds) available. Rooms are spacious and feature private toilet and shower, TV, Mini bar, Hair dryer and air-conditioning. Quite and serene environment and breakfast under the shed, and of course, unique beauties of Bozcaada island. Some of the rooms on the front side have a sea view terrace. You may also enjoy the shady garden area. Individual bookings may only be made in the early and the late season (not July or August).

Hotel Manager Mr. ÜMIT TURAN
Bozcaada Kale Arkası Çanakkale / Turkey
Tel: (0286) 697 81 89  
Mobile: (0532) 710 91 62
Fax: (0286) 697 83 89